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     The field for the 2010 Southern Pines Invitational was to be 16 again this year until the withdrawal of the Michael Wood-Harvey Abernethy team.  Michael is facing major surgery and is unable to participate in this year's event.  We look forward to the return of the Wood-Abernethy team next year. Currently the field is 14, featuring the return of Jon "Hairball" Lawler after a one-year layoff.  Also staying in the field for his third competition is Randy "Cool Breeze" Gibson, replacing "Tiger" Thompson. The rest of the field stands pat from last year.  Click on the links below for each player's performance ratings and career statistics through 2009.  If additional players are added, we will try to update the website to add them if time permits prior to the tournament.

Harvey "Papaw Jr." Abernethy.  Harvey has withdrawn from this year's tournament due to partner Michael Wood's medical condition.

Randy "Cool Breeze" Gibson.    The only player to ever card a hole-in-one on the Golf Trip, he'll be tested as Walton's new partner.

Greg Goddard.    Defending Templeton Cup Champion going for the Turtle Slam.   

Toby "Hoss Cartwright" Hyke.  Ever dangerous, this could be his year to surge.

Mark "Cueball" Kimmet.    Coming off his worst performance ever last year, his quotas could be right.

Mike "Big Boy, Jr." King.  Shocked the world with his win last year.  Can he repeat with over-the-Mendoza-line quotas?

Jon "Hairball" Lawler.  Returns after a year off with a bad case of Turtle Fever.  Has the layoff diminished his skills?

Greg "Loguemeister" Logue.  Hopes to improve on a workmanlike performance last year, as he tries to overcome the theft of the Turtle Nail.

Richard "The Envy" Matlock.  Always Calcutta consistent, hoping his new hat propels him to a third Turtle win. 

 Dennis "Wilford" McClane. Rumored to have practiced alone in the snow to atone for last year's debacle. 

Dan "The Man" Moore.   Dusted by King in last year's final round; hopes to improve on that performance.  

Michael "The Hoser" Moser.  Carded his first gold Turtle pin last year, but failed to run down King on the final day.  His game face will be on this year.

Danny "Depot Stove" Pressley.  Recently feted by a local gadabout, he'll contend for the Turtle Slam.

Norman "The Total Package" Templeton.  Almost claimed his own trophy last year; he'll be ready to charge this year. 

Monty "Piledriver" Walton.  Never in it last year despite a triumphant return in '08.  Looks to bounce back in '10 with new partner Gibson. 

Michael "The Chairman" Wood.  Michael is unable to go this year due to medical circumstances.  We all pray for a quick recovery, and look forward to seeing The Chairman in next year's tournament.

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