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     This year's field promises to be 16 following last year's absence of several players.  Michael Wood returns, looking for comeback player of the year honors following major surgery.  He will team-up with newcomer Nathan "The Assassin" Nash.  Nash is Greg Goddard's nephew, and if he is half as strong in the clutch as his uncle, then the rest of the field will be in for a long weekend.  Goddard is two-time defending Templeton Cup champion, and currently holds the Turtle as well after completing the coveted Turtle Slam a year ago.  He'll try to defend both titles this year.  Back after a two-year layoff is Jon Lawler, who just can't seem to shake that Turtle hunger.  He'll team with Mark "Cueball" Kimmet, his customary partner who also missed last year's event.   And don't count out Michael "The Hoser" Moser.  This plucky contender will give it a go despite off-season shoulder surgery.  The rest of the field is comprised of the usual roustabouts, who spent most of last year's event choking on Goddard's dust.  Perhaps their fortunes will improve this year.  Hope abounds in the well-spring of the heart.   Click on a player to view his profile through 2010.

Randy "Cool Breeze"
Greg Goddard
Toby "Hoss Cartwright"
Mark "Cueball"
Mike "Big Boy, Jr."
Jon "Hairball"
Greg "Loguemeister"
Richard "The Envy"
Dennis "Wilford"
Dan "The Man"
Michael "The Hoser"
Nathan "The Assassin"
Danny "Depot Stove"
Norman "The Total Package"
Monty "Piledriver"
Michael "The Chairman"

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