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The roster is a familiar one for this year’s Turtle hunt.

The judgment of history awaits Mark “Q-Ball” Kimmet’s attempt to claim a previously unthinkable third consecutive Turtle.  He’ll have to overcome the lowest First Day Projected Plus or Minus (PPM) in recent memory to do it, but will be considered one of the all-time greats if successful.  Q-Ball will once again team with Randy “Cool Breeze” Gibson, who, by contrast, enters the field with this year’s highest First Day PPM.  This pairing could get interesting if Cool Breeze looms as an impediment to Q-Ball’s potential rendezvous with destiny.

Conspicuous by his absence will be Danny “Depot Stove” Pressley, who will not participate for reasons unknown.  Rumors persist that the absence is related to a dalliance with an unnamed Hollywood starlet, and the resulting marital fallout.  Those rumors of “a Tiger Woods-type situation” remain unconfirmed, however, as we go online.  Andy “Leaf” Neely will stand in for the Stove as Dennis “Wilford Brimley” McClane’s partner.  Neely was the model of consistency in his only other Invitational appearance, and is known to possess breakout talent.  Brimley overcame his Day 4 aversion to Mid Pines last year, and hopes to parlay that into a Turtle win this year.

With the Stove out, Greg “Stone Cold” Goddard comes in as one of the favorites for the Templeton Cup.  As a former Turtle Slam winner, he will challenge for the Turtle as well.  Goddard’s partner, Toby “Hoss Cartwright” Hyke, hopes to better his disappointing performance last year, perhaps having played a few practice rounds since November. 

Mike “Formerly Big Boy, Jr.” King challenged for the Turtle last year, only to falter badly in the final round.  King hopes his new “Grizzly Adams” approach will help him hunt down the Turtle this time.  King’s compatriot, Richard “The Envy” Matlock, seeks to overcome relatively modest recent performances to regain his former Turtle prominence.

Another Templeton Cup contender is Tracy “Tiger” Thompson, who comes in with high hopes after a pedestrian final round last year.  With his Day One quota slightly down, Thompson could be poised to challenge for the Turtle Slam.  Jon “Hairball” Lawler will be Tiger’s partner again this year.  Lawler seeks to replicate his dominating performance in last year’s third round to contend for the Turtle this time.

Greg “The Loguemeister” Logue hopes to reverse his penchant for playing well on his home course only to fade at the Invitational.  With another year like the last, Logue may be on the verge of becoming the nonplaying Tournament Director.  Michael “The Hoser” Moser hopes to atone for his disastrous collapse last year that saw him record his lowest career point total.  Having fully healed from shoulder surgery, The Hoser, now sometimes known as “Trigger,” may be poised to claim his first Turtle. 

Norm “The Total Package” Templeton is still seeking his first win of either the Turtle or the Templeton Cup.  With the Stove out, it looks like the race for the Cup will be a three-man affair among The Package, Thompson, and Goddard.  Norm’s partner, Dan “The Man” Moore, tends to play well early only to fade at the last.  Moore hopes to overcome final day doldrums to challenge for the Turtle. 

Michael “The Chairman” Wood burns to end a personal drought of Turtle victories dating to 2006.  With five outright or shared Golf Trip championships under his belt, The Chairman is always a threat.  Wood’s partner, young Nathan “The Assassin” Nash, heads into his fourth Invitational still seeking a Relative Value Factor score.  Nash hopes to settle his sometimes unruly youthful exuberance to finally claim a Calcutta share.

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Randy "Cool Breeze"

Greg "Stone Cold"

Toby "Hoss Cartwright"

Mark "Q-Ball"

Mike "Big Boy, Jr."

Jon "Hairball"

Greg "Loguemeister"

Richard "The Envy"

Dennis "Wilford"

Dan "The Man"

Michael "The Hoser"

Nathan "The
Assassin" Nash

Andy "Leaf"

Norman "The Total Package"

Tracy "Tiger"

Michael "The Chairman"

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