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The Twenty Fifth Annual Golf Trip may be the start of a generational transition, as two of the charter members will introduce their offspring to the nuances of the Southern Pines Invitational. 

Tournament Director Greg “The Loguemeister” Logue is coming off a back injury that forced him to withdraw during last year's event.  If this trend toward becoming the nonplaying Tournament Director continues, he may be able to turn the reins over to his son and playing partner Carlton "The Gipper" Logue.  In his first appearance, the Gipper is an unknown quantity who has shown raw talent on occasions. 

Calcutta Chairman Michael Wood has long spoken of finding a successor to handle Calcutta duties.  Wood’s partner this year will be his son, Abe "The Ghost" Wood.  We may see young Abe handle some Calcutta action as an apprentice.  His beginning quota of 24 suggests that he may contend for both the Turtle and Templeton Cup in his first Invitational outing. 

Mike “Grizzly Adams” King won the Invitational last year while in Knoxville after a stunning special Saturday round.  Seeking to defend that crown, King remains committed to his Grizzly Adams look that may have helped him track down the Turtle.  King’s partner remains Richard “The Envy” Matlock, who is still looking for that spark that only a few short years ago made him the envy of the golfing world.  Until Matlock rediscovers that magic, he may continue to be relegated to plucking King's ball out of the cup.

Greg “Stone Cold” Goddard comes in looking to defend his claim on the Templeton Cup.  As a former Turtle Slam winner, he is always dangerous.  Despite a couple of Relative Value Factor scores last year, Toby “Hoss Cartwright” Hyke's quota still hovers near the Mendoza Line. His points may be right to make a move on the Turtle.

Making a return visit will be Danny “Depot Stove” Pressley after his stint  in marital rehab last year.  He will be looking to wrest the Templeton Cup back from Stone Cold.  The Stove also remains a threat to claim the Turtle Slam.   He'll rejoin Dennis “Wilford Brimley” McClane, who looks to bounce back after a quiet 2014.

Mark “Q-Ball” Kimmet’s attempt to claim a third consecutive Turtle fell short last year.  He may have been hampered by the early departure of his partner, Randy “Cool Breeze” Gibson, who withdrew after only one day to attend the birth of a grandchild.  Gibson showed early form in his only round last year, and may be positioned to contend for his first career Turtle.

Tracy “Tiger” Thompson claimed Moving Day last year with the highest single day plus points.  He will be seeking to build on that to vie for the Turtle Slam.  His partner, Jon “Hairball” Lawler hopes to parlay a nice RVF performance last year into a Turtle victory this year.  Hairball is also an outside contender for the Cup. 

After narrowly missing the the Turtle and the Templeton Cup last year, the fire still burns hot for Norm “The Total Package” Templeton.  He should contend for the Turtle Slam. Norm’s partner, Dan “The Man” Moore, comes in below the Mendoza line after a dreadful 2014.  "Nowhere to go but up" may be true in some circumstances, but not in Turtle hunting.

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Randy "Cool Breeze"

Greg "Stone Cold"

Toby "Hoss Cartwright"

Mark "Q-Ball"

Mike "Grizzly Adams"

Jon "Hairball"

Carlton "The Gipper"

Greg "Loguemeister"

Richard "The Envy"

Dennis "Wilford"

Dan "The Man"

Danny "Depot
Stove" Pressley

Norm "The Total Package"

Tracy "Tiger"

Abe "The Ghost"

Michael "The Chairman"

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