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 2017 comes in with a light field after four regular players retired.  Tracy "Tiger" Thompson and his Partner Jon "Hairball" Lawler decided they would no longer participate in the tournament. Danny "Depot Stove" Pressley could not participate due to other commitments, prompting the withdrawal of his partner and defending Templeton Cup champion Sam "Stovepipe" Pressley.

In the face of an already dwindled field, Mike "Grizzly Adams" King opted for a sabbatical this year, leaving Richard "The Envy" Matlock sans partner. After an excruciating, search no substitute partner could be found, leaving the field at eleven for 2017.  Matlock will soldier on partnerless, hoping to parlay his resurgent second place finish a year ago into rekindled Turtle Glory.  

Defending Turtle champion, Norm “The Total Package” Templeton, comes in looking to hold onto the Turtle and to claim his first Templeton Cup. Playing well of the late, The Package shows no signs of letting up.  With Thompson and the Pressleys out of the picture, his Cup chances have never been brighter. Templeton's partner, Dan “The Man” Moore played well enough to claim a tie for third in 2016. He hopes to build on that to get into the mix in 2017.

Returning for another year is the Pennsylvania duo of Jonathan "Mayhem" Greer and Carlton "The Senator" Logue.  Despite honorific play, Mayhem caught Turtle fever in his first a Invitational appearance a year ago.  If Greer plays up to his reputed skill level, his reduced point quota may spell mayhem for the rest of the field.   The Senator returns for his third cut at the Turtle and looks to be settling in as a Tournament regular.  He hopes to follow up on a fine fifth place finish last year to challenge for the championship this year.

Hanging in despite the various departures are Toby “Hoss Cartwright” Hyke and Greg “Stone Cold” Goddard. They are missing a tiddlywinks event in Vonore to vie for the Turtle this year. Hoss hopes to rebound from a disappointing 14th place finish in 2016. The Templeton Cup looks like a two man contest between Stone Cold and The Package.  Goddard is always dangerous in the Turtle Hunt as well.

Michael “The Hoser” Moser had a dismal year in 2016, posting a 12th place finish.  He hopes to improve on that for a run at the Turtle this year.  Moser’s partner, Greg “Loguemeister” Logue bounced back in 2015 but could not build on that performance in 2016.  He hopes to move up from his ninth place finish a year ago to at least  challenge his son, the Senator.

All eyes will be on Michael “The Calcutta Chairman” Wood, whose desire for the Turtle may have waned in the wake of the Calcutta cancelation. Now Turtleless for 11 years, The Chairman will have to dig deep to rekindle his passion for the Turtle.  Wood's partner, his son Abe “The Ghost” Wood,  acquitted himself well in 2016 claiming his first RVF score. With another year of experience under his belt, The Ghost may be formidable in 2017.

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