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 After last year's dwindled field, we hope to Make the Golf Trip Great Again!™ with four new players and the return of two cagey veterans. Newcomer Luis “The Cuban Missile” Bustamante lends a Latin flair with his exciting Doug Sandersesque swing. He’ll be joined by son and first-time player Travis “The Natural" Bustamante, who continues the influx of younger talent. The first appearance of the Bustamantes marks the fourth father/son duo to compete in the Southern Pines Invitational.

Another first time player is young Ryan “Atlas” McNally, who will try to circumnavigate his way around the Southern Pines track in search of the Turtle. An unknown quantity, he’ll team with Jeff “Sir Title Lock” McCall. Having last played in 1999, Sir Title Lock’s interregnum is the longest in tournament history. We dusted off the archives to find his initial point quota of 13 based on his last competitive round—just under the 20-year statute of limitations. 

Rounding out the first-time players is Mike “Hoppa” Penland. Hoppa is an experienced competitor who could get hot enough to compete for the Templeton Cup. He’ll team with veteran Dennis “Wilford Brimley” McClane, who’s is returning after a three-year layoff. His initial quota and senior tee positions make him excellently positioned for a run at his first Turtle.

The Templeton Cup competition looks wide open with the absence of defending Champ Greg “Stone Cold” Goddard. Norm "The Total Package" Templeton appears positioned to finally claim the trophy that bears his name. Playing partner Dan "The Man" Moore enters the fray with an inflated quota after finishing in the top three the last three years. He will be hard pressed to continue that string.

Greg “Loguemeister” Logue bounced back from a ninth place finish in 2016 to claim the Turtle for the fifth time in his career, holding off Moore in a Sunday duel. His quota is still manageable enough to claim a repeat. Logue's playing partner Michael “The Hoser” Moser had another dismal year in 2017, posting a ninth place finish. If nagging back problems don't sideline him, his quota may be right for a run at the Turtle this year.

Back for his third Turtle Hunt is Jonathan "Mayhem" Greer. His desire for the Turtle has not waned despite last place finishes in his only two appearances. After finally registering an RVF score on Day 3 last year, his quota may be about to reach equilibrium. Mayhem will once again team with Carlton "The Senator" Logue. Now a tour regular, The Senator hopes to improve on a sixth place finish last year.

The end of the Calcutta may have taken a huge toll on Michael “The Calcutta Chairman” Wood, who finished tenth last year. His quota is as close to the Mendoza Line as its been since the early days in Myrtle Beach. This may bode well for the man whose craving for the Turtle knows no bounds. Abe “The Ghost” Wood may have surpassed the old man with a fifth place finish in 2017. The Ghost appears well position to contend in 2018.

Soldiering on despite the absence of Stone Cold is Toby “Hoss Cartwright” Hyke. Still formidable, Hoss's starting quota leaves him in a good place to compete for the Turtle.

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Luis "The Cuban
Missile" Bustamante

Travis "The Natural"

Jonathan "Mayhem"

Toby "Hoss Cartwright"

Carlton "The Senator"

Greg "Loguemeister"

Jeff "Sir Title Lock"

Dennis "Wilford
Brimley" McClane

Ryan "Atlas"

Dan "The Man"

Michael "The Hoser"

Mike "Hoppa"

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